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My First Blog Post

I have chronic schizoaffective disorder, and have been hospitalized a half dozen times. I am ill, but I strive to be well.

For those who get it, you know that chronic mental illness is no fun and quite difficult to wrestle control over all-of-the-time.

There are periods when symptoms are less severe, and periods when they are more severe. And, I’ve come to learn that everyone’s situation is different.

So for me, many symptoms are ever present. They do not go away.

I take a lot of medication, and the medication is what affords me a quasi-normal life. I only feel partial relief with my meds though.

The relief I feel is that I can basically stay out of the hospital by taking them. And, that’s the main guarantee I have with them.

There is much left to be done in terms of improving America’s mental health problem; and this is coming from someone who is high-functioning, yet relies on heavy doses of medication to get by.

I am constantly tired, even after sleeping for 8 hours. I require numerous naps throughout the week.

I have learned to become my own best advocate.

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