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Dreaming The Worst

Don’t you ever feel like your dreams just plain suck?

I am doing “no contact” with my narcissistic sibling, which she implemented!

Imagine the maddening aspects of that!

Well, anyway, this narcissist has never been called out on her BS, and I did it. Along with my mother.

I’ve written briefly about the situation before, and I can tell you, my narcissist sister played both my mom and I very well.

It’s just so sad though.

In my dream, I keep seeing my brother in law have a heart.

But, he didn’t have much of a heart when we were all spending time together!

What I mean is that in my dreams, I have extreme reactions to things that are going on. Some things have happened in real life, and some have not.

I don’t like this per se. But, it’s just the reality of things. Dreams, I guess.

How are your dreams? The ones you remember that is? What are they like?

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  1. I wonder if in our dreams we allow ourselves to re write things we wish we could. I have had many pivotal dreams at important times that showed the inner truth of things.. But last night I had one in which my older sister was angrily trying to tell me to wash my hair,the idea I was given was I was too much of a ‘mess’.. this would ring true to childhood.


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