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Are There Good Times For Me, A Person With Chronic Mental Illness?


I know some of you may be beginning to wonder.

But, every day has its challenges! Above and beyond what those people who don’t have a disability have.

After I was first diagnosed, I used to say that I would give anything for an hour of peace.

That has gotten better. There are indeed good times. They are sometimes short-lived, but they do occur.

So, this is good news. Encouraging news.

Until you realize, I still hideaway at home much of the time. And, that I will often “force” myself to appear well, even when I am not.

Those things are not good news. They shouldn’t be.

And, here’s why…

Not only is it highly unfortunate to appear to be put together (when you’re not), but it means you are constantly dealing with what’s going on underneath. On the inside. Below the surface.

Again, it’s highly unfortunate and not the norm (for many persons with my type of illness: schizoaffective disorder).

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