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When I Began Changing How I Carried On Out In Public

After going through my longest series of psychotic breaks in the early 2000’s, my general functioning took a significant dive.

I was going to school at the time, and had had a couple of breaks a few years prior.

As I’ve mentioned here on the site, I was brut forcing my way through university, and all but ignoring my mental health.

And, so the situation became very serious during that second series of breaks. I spent a few months in and out of the psychiatric hospital then, witnessing my mental health diminishing something terribly.

Whatever social skills I had regained after the first few breaks, I had lost after that second series of breaks/hospitalizations.

So, I have been trying to get back to myself ever since then, knowing I was truly (and still am in marked ways) in a bad way.

I’ve had to relearn (and, am still relearning to this day) good social skills. I’ve even had to “find myself” and learn a lot about “me” and what I believe.

I also started relearning manners and social etiquette, and this is when I began changing how I carried on out in public.

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