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In Terms Of Having A Career, Persons With Schizophrenia Fare Badly

It’s not a competition between the anxiety sufferer and the depressed individual or even the person(s) with bipolar or schizophrenia.

Yet, at times, I am specifically wanting to bring awareness to people like me, whereby I am a high-functioning person with chronic schizoaffective disorder.

That said, everyone whose mental illness is chronic in nature, suffers.

There are no outs in this equation. We all struggle and we all suffer. When our conditions are chronic especially.

Chronic mental illness = No walk in the park.

As far as the schizophrenia type disorders go, there is a push to “normalize” us, which has been about as successful as the war on drugs.

To be clear, our conditions are just not conducive with us being teachers, lawyers, cops, or military personnel.

It does happen though and some people do hold these types of jobs, but as far as the trajectory of their “careers” go, would you care to guess at how long persons with schizophrenia are able to keep their careers going?

Unfortunately, I can’t exactly tell you! Why? Because the powers that be in mental health are not completely transparent with us…

And, under the current types of treatments and treatment success rates, I doubt they ever will be!

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