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My Night Terrors Are So Discouraging

Coupled with schizoaffective disorder, things can get bad at night.

I wake up from of a dead sleep, and sometimes jump out of the bed, and run towards the door.

I’ve had night terrors the past two nights.

My wife told me a bit about what I had done the night before (which I actually have no recollection of).

Usually, I am very aware of what’s happening though, and it feels like I’m either in a simulation or my life is simply going to end.

The types of problems I experience, have mostly to do with me “thinking” I have some sort of “act” to perform, or I “die.” Simply die. Right then and there.

I’m often panicked, faced with a choice in that moment. Like a pull of the lever, and if I make the wrong choice… bam… I’m dead.

It typically takes me up to two horrifying minutes to realize I’ve had a bad dream.

I just hate it when I have to deal with this.

Do any of you have night terrors? And, what are they like for you?

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