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My How Things In My Personal Life Have Changed, And I Need to Get This Out

My best friend (of over 20 years) and I have decided to basically go our separate ways.

So wild and yet so telling…

He came to my wedding earlier this year, and was with me when I was getting ready to be married.

He’s always been my best friend… And, he helped me to ready myself for dating my now wife.

The best I can tell (because I am not one to beg), is that he has given up on me because of my now firmly held worldview.

He doesn’t want to talk about things either…

Yes, he has some things going on in his personal life, but it feels like it’s just “done.” Truly… and, there’s no question about it!

I am a progressive, living in the city; and he resides in a small town, and is anything but progressive.

For many years, I was not very political… and, I am still not, which is what is funny.

But, I did spend a fair amount of time bitching about the opposition upon arriving where I now stand (but, that didn’t last a real long time, considering).

So, again, we are no longer the friends we used to be. And, I find that so wild and so telling…

If your worldview changes, is it right to change the people around you?

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  1. You’re not a project for someone to mentor but you are a peer in your own right. Sadly I have lost many friends over “poltiics” when the political is literally personal for many of us in marginalized communities </3

    Can someone be a friend when they want to deny you civil rights and legal protections? Not in my book.

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  2. We’ve been living in hard times in terms of our personal connections. I think Ashley said it well, that there has to be enough common ground. I’m sorry you’re having this experience, no doubt it is challenging. When it comes to political when people dismiss my partner saying something like oh you’re just one of those *fill in the blank*, he always ask, “Aren’t we human first? Before we’re a democrat, republican or other, aren’t we first Human, all of us?

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