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Why I No Longer Advocate Any Kind Of Therapy

Disclaimer: This Site is intended to provide general knowledge, and is not intended to serve as medical advice of any sort.  Changes in mental health treatment should never be made without consulting your health care provider.

I am speaking of the need for therapy for myself only!

Some people benefit greatly from being in therapy, and I don’t want to discourage that at all.

For me, I have stuff pop up every 15-30 minutes, so going one on one with a therapist, for any length of time, is futile.

I know my experience may be different than yours, so again, I don’t want to discourage anyone from getting the help they may need!

I am just extremely philosophical. And, in terms of a therapeutic situation, being as philosophical as I am can and does bite me in the ass.

What are some of your experiences with therapy? The good, the bad, the ugly?

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  1. I’m pro-therapy as a treatment option, and there have been concepts from different forms of therapy that I’ve found useful, but when I’ve seen therapists in the past it wasn’t something I found helpful for me. I figure just like meds aren’t always the right fit, therapy isn’t always the right fit.

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    • I’ve learned just as much through self-study as I have through other forms of education. It’s almost a 50/50 split in some ways, depending on variables such as what you mention about the compatibility of therapists and clients, etc. and how one might also learn through self-study i.e. self-improvement… which I do a lot of! 🙂

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  2. Interesting. I do understand your perspective. This feels like really slippery ground I’m often reticent to visit. I never know just how to speak on this because I too believe I have enough “tools” to explore and exercise my own healing. However I have been through a good deal of experiences that I probably should have had some assistance with. This is basically a form of independent study and not everyone is cut out for it or at least not all the time. Which is not a bad thing, it’s really extremely courageous to go to someone else for help. Independent study requires, I believe, intense self-discipline. If I cannot be accountable to myself and those counting on me then I should reach out to a professional for help. And sometimes we’re not in a place in our lives to do it ourselves. Sometimes I can workout at home, sometimes I have to go outside my house if I’m really going to progress. I know I have to be able to be honest with myself about not what I WANT but what me and my life need and require in order to evolve and grow. For years my “I’ll do it myself approach” did not work. I did not get better. It took longer. But I’m here now with more experience and understanding. That’s not necessarily the best route for everyone.

    Best to you.

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    • Yeah, thank you. I’m just not trying to save the world, and some people respond better to therapy. The way that I get along is better than some, but therapy is just not for me personally. I’ve learned that through many experiences. I’ll continue to grow on my own.

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  3. I had a therapist tell me I don’t need therapy. Because I have all the insight. He said therapy is working under the factory floor to see all the connections. And that I know it all – I do. That it wouldn’t help me. I just have to stop overthinking and just live in the world. He was 70% right. If I do therapy now I’d hope it’d be factual, as in, if it’d give me what I want I’d go for it. The traditional counselling/cbt/psychotherapy wouldn’t work for me.
    Love, light and glitter


  4. For me I can totally relate to this post, as I recently started therapy and I do feel like I’m wasting my time a little bit because I’m quite proactive, self sufficient and I like to find solutions that work for me (based on research or even lessons learned from life). But I do believe therapy works wonders for those who aren’t completely tapped with their emotions and just seek guidance from a professional which absolutely okay too


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