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Trying Not To Let My Delusions Overwhelm Me

First off, I am interested in reducing a certain amount of “comfortability,” so that I may grow more. I.e. Expand my limitations a bit.

More to come on this in another post! 🙂

Secondly, I guess what I am really wanting to talk about, is that the world is “breaking” a little more every day, and that when the dust clears, I will have “broken” a little more as well!

I don’t want that and these are my delusions! Paranoia is my biggest delusion.

So, I am doing my best to “get through” and move forward (that’s all any of us can do)!

And, that said…

What sorts of ongoing concerns/fears do you have, that you find to be disruptive to your life?

8 thoughts on “Trying Not To Let My Delusions Overwhelm Me Leave a comment

  1. I know you do everything you can to get through your days with the delusions and paranoia and like you said, it’s all we can do. But it still takes a lot of energy, constantly trying to manage our mental illness and think about all our coping strategies. Sometime it would be nice to “just be”. No thinking, mindfulness, no self-hypnosis or using CBT skills to manage negative thoughts. Aaarrgghhh!

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  2. Self loathing. I find it hard to put that aside every day. Fear and anxiety because they show up so unannounced and worrying as a result of that. Sometimes I wish I could throw all of these thoughts in the bin but I guess I’ll have to work with them instead, every day like you said.

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