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11 Things I Want To Be At Peace With

I want to be at peace with having been a loner growing up.

I want to be at peace with having been bullied growing up.

I want to be at peace with being a part of the 1% of people worldwide who hear voices.

I want to be at peace with my weight loss (even though I am not progressing at present).

I want to be at peace with my level of insight, striving for more awareness every day.

I want to be at peace with currently not knowing the answer/best course of action on many things, but making an effort anyhow.

I want to be at peace with life being a marathon, rather than a sprint.

I want to be at peace with the fact that we all have something that we are dealing with (not to minimize any one person’s suffering).

I want to be at peace with my belief in God, not doubting God exists, every time there’s a sign of trouble.

I want to be at peace with the idea 1) that I may not live a long life, 2) that I could become further disabled, 3) that I may suffer quite a bit physically, 4) that I may suffer for a long time before I pass.

And, finally…

I want to be at peace with the notion that I may have a more encouraged life by overcoming my struggle with obesity, and by better managing my mental, physical, and spiritual health.

Are there any things that you’re working on/want to be at peace with?

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  1. I would say I am lately seeking peace from past hurt.. trying to accept that as hard as it was I did survive while not minimising the pain.. Lately I have really been accepting it into my heart. I find resistance makes things worse.. Have you heard of MIchael Singer and the Untethered Soul.. he says we suffer more from resisting difficult things.. I truly believe that to be true.

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  2. Hey Mio, the world really is a frightening place at the moment and I think many people are suffering in some way or other, due to the pandemic. I like your list and I know you’re working your way through life. We’re all on that journey with you 🙂

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