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The Comfort That Meds Provide

I think part of my problem may lie in the comfort that the meds provide. A comfort that I need, but that also has a double edged sword. A lot of times anyway.

Take my mood stabilizer (please take my mood stabilizer ;). One of its functions is to keep you going steady, keep things even if you will (I am not a clinician, so…)

But, this mood stabilizer also keeps me from going through the gamut of emotions, that people without meds, sometimes experience.

On one hand, I want that! I want to be able to “feel!”

Choosing to be healthy is a compromise. And, I do the best I can by taking all of my meds, all of the time.

What resolve have you employed, where your meds (and their effects) are concerned?

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  1. I understand how your medications might keep you just within that margin where you can’t ‘feel’, you just get by. I can’t imagine how this must feel for you.

    I’ve had several new/young doctors suggest that I come off my antidepressants as I’ve been on them for years. I tell them, if it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it! I’ll stay on them thank you, as although I’m still prone to severe bouts of depression, it’s better that than being permanently depressed.

    I now refuse antipsychotics for the voices and the visions as they’re not as threatening as they used to be – it’s just something I’ll live with. The side-effects were dreadful so I had to take beta‐blockers and anticholinergics, which have their own side effects.

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  2. I like my meds but then I’m lucky my former psychiatrist found an effective combination. In my country, unlike in the USA, people are often under-medicated so I’m happy with my most recent adjustment after 5 years of needless suffering. My therapist does ask if I feel over-medicated but I’m fortunate to not have that problem.

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