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Character Vs. The Issues, Part One

Some people play pretend. They say, “T is a bad man!”

Then, there are those who KNOW he’s a bad man!

Leaving quite a difference to compute for some, including Republicans (of which T is barely one)…

More of a fascist, he uses fascist tactics, and he doesn’t give a ‘F’ about you (or your so-called family values)!

He does whatever it takes to win. Period!

Moving on…

Plan A… cast doubt with the election and its processes.

Plan B… win the presidency anyway you can.

Plan C… leave the country to avoid prosecution.

This blog could get more and more political if the man in orange, doesn’t accept that he has lost… fair and square!

He fits the DSM V’s definition of someone who has narcissistic personality disorder.

How many dozens (or hundreds, actually) of psychologists have said this?

The things he says… The way he takes the wind out of your sails… It’s just god awful!

This guy was never presidential… Ever!

His base?

Given what I know about basic human decency…

His supporters choose the issues over the man’s character.

The problem with that?

He distorts every issue and uses disinformation tactics, as well as, personal attacks on his opponents, to persuade!

The result?

You’ve been lied to and we are more divisive, as a nation, than before!

I don’t know what else to say, except… buckle up! There’s going to be a fight!

My wife and I sometimes joke about the idea that people with schizophrenia seem to “know” what is going to happen, before it happens.

And, this is what I believe…

It’s not rocket science, but prepare for the possibility that this man’s base will ignite a fire that can’t be put out!

Not without a lot of patience and persistence of course.

Basically… he’s doesn’t give a shit… about anyone but himself!

That’s pretty much evidenced by his presidency (and no doubt), his whole life (google Mary Trump).

Get ready people…

You are watching T’s plan “B” unfold, and you sure as hell, don’t want to miss it!

You’ll be dumber for it, but you don’t want to miss it! 🙂

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