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The Path To Poetry

I never would have thought I’d write poetry. Any kind of poetry, really. But, prose… that is my favorite right now! In my distant past, I wrote song lyrics. And now… well you know… it’s poetry! I am grateful for … Continue Reading The Path To Poetry

Feelings (A Poem)

When I slow down, breathe deeply, and relax,I feel as though I will always be where I am at!When does the anxiety go away?When do the voices subside?When does the paranoia disappear?When does the depression wane? I want another shot … Continue Reading Feelings (A Poem)

I Sometimes Wonder (A Poem)

I sometimes wonder,Whether my mental health is worse,Due to my philosophical outlook.Is it possible, that too much philosophy hurts me?When you have severe mental illness,That is a worthwhile question to ask!

I Am Fearful

NOTE: I sometimes deal with the following angst, as a result of my psychosis. And, having high anxiety doesn’t help matters. I have to tell you… I am stressed about the election. And, I don’t trust my government as things … Continue Reading I Am Fearful